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The journey continues!

This journey with this amazing technology continues! I am reading, learning, growing and am embracing the journey!

As I listen to blog talk, tune into the calls to hear the news and excitement, so many people in the health and wellness are joining this movement! Doctors from all fields are seeing what improving blood flow at the capillary level can do! Everyday people like me are finding HOPE for their health journey in such an EASY and effective way!

And I remain consistent in my passion, in my belief and in my sharing. I just signed up for a training that is one of the puzzle pieces to learning how to share well in my community. I am so very thankful. I am intentionally reaching out, asking, writing, talking and doing what I can!

As Thanksgiving approaches this week, I continue with the same amount of gratitude I felt the day I realized what I said ´YES´ to. I am so very thankful to share this amazing technology in Kitsap county. I am so very thankful to those who have said ´YES´ to this with me. I am so very thankful to be able to learn and be supported by my family and friends on this journey.

I appreciate this company for giving me this ´OUT OF THE WORLD´ opportunity that truly helps people.

I appreciate Tony who loves and supports me as I learn and grow in this new field.

I appreciate my parents who love and support me. My dad shares his business knowledge and experience. My mom listens and loves me!

I appreciate my mom who was the one who said ´YES΅ to this technology in Florida in December 2017 because it was ´intelligent and for the health of my family´ in her words.

I am filled with appreciation and gratitude. I pray that your journey inspires your heart to be grateful and that those around you know how much you appreciate them and why!

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