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Summer vacation is over! Again!

Summer vacation is over, again! This is the second summer I had to play in my new career. Last summer was going out and sharing and doing what I THOUGHT I understood from attending 2 academies. November of 2018 I learned about networking groups.

This past summer I did my best to show up to as many and as much of the networking events as possible. It still was not enough. I want to show up to so much more. This is so much FUN!

I will still continue showing up to as many events as possible. This first week back in the classroom I will be busy with both careers! Wednesday night is Silverdale Greendrinks. Thursday night is when I have the amazing opportunity to be at HAVE-A-SPACE to educate, and Saturday is a full day at the mall! People need to hear the message. I love to share. So here is to another school year of working 2 jobs and continuing down the learning journey with Bemer.

Direct sales. Changing people´s lives. Sharing. Learning. Educating. I have so much more to learn and the patience has settled in. The joy in the journey is present in my soul.

I am in my 20th year of teaching this year. That is a big deal to me. I am learning something new with this Bemer journey. When I hear, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE, I am embracing that belief. I am believing that for myself!

Adiós to Summer 2019. Hello to the school year 2019-20 and to changing people´s lives with Bemer. *sigh*

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