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Summer blog continues(4)

¡Hola, hola! The 4th of July 2022 weekend came and went.

I am mentally trying to chooooooose morning exercise. I have created a habit of evening exercise. I´m grateful I choose exercise. The morning would be ideal for me at this point. I´m going to do some BIG self-talk tomorrow morning. Actually, I have the perfect opportunity to choose a run in the 7am hour. I am meeting a friend for a walk at 8am. It is a perfect set-up. Stay tuned for that success story!

From what I have learned about creating change is it starts with my thinking. Then, visualize the activity. Then, JUST DO IT! Sometimes it seems that the JUST DO IT kicks in. Probably. But the thought is always where it begins. To add some POWER to the thought, visualize what you want! And then, CHOOSE it.

Tonight, before bed. I will visualize myself getting up and ready and running in the early hours. And then seeing my friend.

Knowlege is only power when I USE it!


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