I know what fills my heart. After family, it is showing up in the community to share and educate on BEMER and better circulation. I am still learning the best 'how to' for this. But, by far, I know I am right where I know I am supposed to be. I am a solid 4 years into this Bemer journey. I still smile SO big talking and sharing Bemer! :)

Thursday night I had the beautiful blessing of sharing FREE 8 minute Bemer sessions at Illuminate.ME in SIlverdale at their one year anniversary party. Everything about that night was so enjoyable. My friends that know me, showed up to support me. Making new friends puts a smile in my heart and I made one new friend, for sure! It was the best to be in a space of wellness and healing. It was LOVELY. I went home with a full heart.

I met Rayshel at a Silverdale Greendrinks. Kelsey and Rayshel opened up a space for me to set up my Bemer after school hours in their office during the 2021-22 school year. I showed up weekly at Illuminate.ME for 2 months to share Bemer sessions. I had a few consistent people show up. One person chose the Bemer as a lifestyle during that time, enjoying the benefits each time she came for a free session. Another continues to show up where I show up. I was able to introduce the Bemer to some clients and give them a free session. I love this!

My hope and dream is for places of wellness to choose Bemer as a service to provide. Many places of wellness in the US offer a punchcard system or some form of being able to receive the Bemer (better circulation) benefits! My hope is for more places of wellness in Kitsap to offer Bemer in their practice. Admire Medical Aesthetics is the first location in Silverdale to offer Bemer sessions!

I hold this hope and belief that so many teachers, nurses, doctors, business owners and more will choose Bemer as a lifestyle with me in Kitsap. I can just see happier, healthier people in Kitsap connecting over Bemer stories of healing! Bemer supports better blood flow and it is our miraculous bodies that do wonderful things with better blood flow!

I love to share my Bemer stories and I love to listen when my Bemer family regularly shares how cool it is to just 'Bemer this' or 'Bemer that' when life happens!

Bemer on my Bemer friends! And for those that haven't experienced Bemer, look for opportunities to eperience the Bemer. It is a gentle frequency. Energy medicine. It is with consistent use that Bemer in the body becomes a beautiful blessing for a better quality of life.


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