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Summer 2022- Blog Post (1)


Ok! I am allowing myself the opportunity to be consistent with a blog post this summer. I am excited to show up and share thoughts here. My website began when the passion to share BEMER wellness hit my heart! My brother, Stephen, set me up with my site. I love it! I am grateful and thankful everyday for my family, friends and support along my life journey!

Summer 2022. I love summers as a teacher. I get a moment to breathe, reflect and BE in my life. I show up everyday more calm. I dream. I wonder. I think. I reflect.

During the school year, I wake up. Dream. Think. Believe. Reflect. And fill up with the days with activities of lessons, students, and everything else that comes with a Monday-Friday go, go, go!

My body definitely is in a more CALM state during summer. *sigh* I take it in and know that it is so special. I wonder if I can acheive the CALM state in my body during the school year too?

Since 2018, I´ve had different themes of my summer as I share Bemer wellness in my community.

2018- cold calling and introducing myself. Knock, knock. Hi! I´m Monica and I love my Bemer!

2019- Networking- Polka Dot, Silvedale Chamber of Commerce

2020- Well, you know, it was 2020! I really enjoyed my mom´s pool A LOT that summer!

2021- Individual connects, Live Well Kitsap

2022-This summer? Individual connects. Any opportunity to share Bemer in my community. Live Well Kitsap.

I soak in every moment with my family. Danica is 12 years old and we are enjoying pickleball together. Lanea is currently in Brazil. When she returns we should be moving into our new home. Ahh...a new house. We have been waiting 2 years to be in a house together as a family. That has a story...!


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