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Summer 2022 Blog(2)

Well, I am good about consistency on things that MATTER to me. It´s actually a thing for all of us. Look at what you show up for, and that is what matters to you! This summer, a consistent blog post matters to me!

I drove an hour and half to meet up with a young athlete to share my Bemer. On my drive, I listened to audible and listened to the book, Supernatural, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Whoa! I had already listened to quite a bit, and this drive allowed for a longer listening time. I am just fascinated by how AMAZING, BRILLIANT and magnificent we truly are. I gained just a little bit more knowledge and a whole lot more belief in the BEAUTY, mystery and marvel of life and love and the journey!

I also am in awe of how life is unfolding for me. I began a search in my late 20´s and 30´s for HAPPINESS. I was SO miserable and unhappy growing up and through my early and mid 20´s.

And then, life gave me an opportunity to lean in and learn and grow! And I said, ´yes´!

It´s been slow, over time, and it seems to be speeding up the more I learn with focus and intention. I´m so curious now. I had no clue how responsible I am for my life. I play a HUGE role in my story. I remember how I´d get chills whenever I heard, ´write your own story´. But, to understand what that means? That is the journey! The learning. The growing.

A favorite on my ´happiness journey´ was this mantra, this belief, I would say over and over with such belief through my 40´s. Something AMAZING is going to happen at 40! I don´t know what, but it is going to be the BEST. I was so eager and excited to be 40. And guess what came into my world in my 40th year? Bemer!! Thanks MOM! I love you! A


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