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Reflections and gratidude on my BEMER journey 2018-present day 2/13/23


BEMER showed up at my mom's house. She was in Florida in 2017 and was introduced to it. My dad said the science was legit. My mom then purchased it because it was intelligent and for the health of her family. The German engineering and Swiss craftsmaship impressed her.

I sat on it because it said, 'For You, For life, For Energy. Ok. Energy please! The energy I was seeking came after 3 months of consisitent use. My first noticing was my overworked elbow finally got relief and the discomfort went away. Hasn't been back. My back discomfort, that was minimal, but present, went away too, forever. What is this thing? I just sit here. I don't get it. Sometimes I feel tingly. The more I use it, the more relaxed I feel when I am on it.

I went to an academy in Seattle in March 2018 because I was curious as to WHY it was helping me. I had NO interest in sharing this. But then, the stories GOT ME! I was teary eyed and my heart was bursting with hope and love at the lives being touched. I felt so completely comfortable among the people and a warm invitation to join in on this worthy mission of helping people FEEL BETTER with BEMER.

It has been such a beautiful blessing these past 5 years sharing from my heart, the beautiful BEMER message of healing and hope with my friends and community.

BEMER has benefitted me physically, emotionally and financially. I have so many personal stories of how I have used BEMER these past 5 years on my own aging body that has 'broken' a few times! Emotionally, there is something there. Beyond that too, stepping outside of my comfort zone has enriched my life in many wonderful ways. Financially, people are saying 'yes' and BEMER is generous with the commissions.

BEMER has helped me be more abundant in my gratitude, friendships and supports me to AGE well and feel better. I love living the B.Life and sharing the opportunity to join me in the B.Life as a daily user or to share too! a

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