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My heart for BEMER and my community.

I share BEMER wellness for many reasons. I already had experienced how it was helping me with my digestion, less discomfort in my elbow and back. That peaked my curiousity to learn WHY and WHAT. Being in the room with over 50 people sharing their personal stories, I got emotional. Really? Increased circulation really brought THAT much hope and healing for quality of life? Ummm...I HAVE to share. How could I not? And, the people that were sharing, I wanted to be around them MORE. I have been plugged into sharing BEMER for 5 years now. I love every chance I get to be with others that share BEMER. I love every chance I get to have ONE MORE person experience the 8 minutes. It really feels like I am fulfilling a calling. I absoulutely love when someone says YES to doing the B.Life with me. I know, that if they stick with it and are consistent, their body will respond in such a good way. Along the way I have had a chiropracter from California reach out to me. I have had a counselor in Seattle reach out to me. I have had people on a healing journey hear about BEMER and reach out to me. This is rewarding. It works. It is unique. It has opened UP my world to learning and growing in ways I couldn't imagine. I am grateful and look forward to all the new people I will meet as I continue down this path of sharing a unique and wonderful medical device from Europe!


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