I am a local, born and raised, Kitsap county girl. I attended Brownsville Elementary, CK junior high and I am a graduate of CK class of '95.

Spanish was my favorite class in school. It was the one class where I really enjoyed learning. I continued my Spanish studies in college. During that time, I spent a year in Ecuador to gain fluency through a study abroad program.

I started my teaching career at Woodlands Elementary in 2000. I then became a Spanish teacher at Klahowya in 2002-03 school year. I continue to teach beginning levels of Spanish at Klahowya.

I chose to share BEMER in 2018 in Kitsap as a result of my mom investing in one while she was in Florida in 2017. I was using it in her living room, consistently, and was receiving noticeable health benefits in the first weeks. I was curious. I attended an academy in Seattle in 2018 to learn the science. I was deeply moved by the healing stories of adding Bemer as a lifestyle. I felt the calling to share in my community.

My dream is to see that my beloved Kitsap community has an opportunity to learn and experience BEMER and to have an open invitation to join me in the B.Life.

Better circulation. Better health. Better life.

I truly feel grateful and blessed to share this health opportunity in Kitsap.



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