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Mistakes. Ugh and ouch.

Well, I have to blog this. I am still working on processing my latest mistake.

I fell in love with a product. I love that I get to share. But, there is NO training! Or very little. And there is good and bad to that. The good is that I might have shied away from the opportunity if they said, sign up for the program that is 7 years and when you are done you can start making money. Um. I´ll stick to that other career where I already went down that path! I love that I get to play in this career path with little investment. If I don´t like it, I already love the product. And I do not have thousands in student loans to pay back if it does not work out. That is pretty cool!

But this is where this blog post comes into play. There are so many mistakes along the way to learning the skill of sharing a product well and building a team to share! That is not something anyone tells you. You will make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Maybe it was spoken and shared. But since I believe mistakes are for learning, ok! No problem. I don´t mind making mistakes. Let´s go!

But mistakes made and you hurt people you care about. Ugh. That is NOT a mistake that feels good. It is definitely one I learn from FAST though. Like touching a hot stove. Nope. Did not feel good AT ALL. Not making that one again. I just made a mistake where I hurt someone. Here is my lesson. And I have to share it if I can help one other person not make the same mistake. Always, always, always ask permission to share. Never just share because ´oh, this made me think of you!´. Common sense, right? But, hello, I pay for common sense from a life coach because I need it. I have friends that help me with common sense when I don´t see it for myself. Ok. Just giving myself some grace so that I can forgive myself for my latest mistake. Repetition always is a good practice for learning. Here goes...always ask permission to share a good story or testimonial. Even if you hear one and you just want to share the ´amazing testimonial´, ask permission.

While I am on mistakes. I can share a long list of mistakes I have made on this journey of sharing. Some make me laugh, some make me feel good about the GROWTH that is taking place, and the latest one made me want to curl up in a little ball and give up. But I am working through that. And one way is to help at least one other person not make that mistake hopefully.

Actually, I will save the other mistakes for another blog. But I will share my first social media mistake! I had never understood the passion to share a product until this adventure with this wellness device. After coming home from the 2 day academy and being super excited to say, ´yes´ to sharing, I looked at all the friend requests that were just hanging out waiting to be accepted. I accepted the friend requests. And then, I saw people I knew from various circles and friend requested them. That was a start. Ok! I was pretty quiet on social media before, but now I had a reason to start having a presence. Let´s tell my social media friends what I am up to!!

Pretty soon after, I saw a very angry post from a ´new friend´ that I knew casually from another friend. She got on her soap box and gave a good long rant about friend requesting just to sell a product. Ugh. Was that what I just did? I read the thread of comments. There was a lady that was so gracious in her reply. I reached out to her on messenger and introduced myself and confessed that I might have been the one responsible for that post. She was so gracious with me and she said she was thinking for awhile about writing a blog on just this topic. I´m not alone! Even when it is not a good reason, sometimes it is so comforting to know I am not the only one! She wrote her blog. I read it. I did what learning I was capable of at the time. And I tried to be more conscious of my posts and my motives.

Still learning. Still growing. It´s fun. It´s hard. It hurts. I can laugh now about some. Some I have to dig deep to find grace and forgiveness for myself. That is hard. It is so easy to offer grace to others who are learning, but sure is harder to give to myself.

Thus, the post.  

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