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I love life and life loves me.

I have been sharing Bemer wellness in Kitsap and beyond since 2018. When I started sharing, I was living a very small life. Go to work, come home to my family and go to work again. I kept my social circle small, on purpose. I had my best friend and my friend at work. That is all I could  give at that time in my life. It was a very healing time for me. I needed that for awhile. I was looking for more though.  I didn't know what. I was plugging into learning for happiness. I wanted to be happy. Insecurities dominated my thinking and mind. Was I a good mom? I'm not good enough as a teacher.  Am I enough? I feel there is more, I just don't know how to get there. I kept baby stepping forward with my mentor. I was reading, listening and working on being real and honest with myself and my small circle and not hiding. I was slowly building happiness and confidence.

And then my mom bought a Bemer! And I used it. And it worked. And I went to a 2 day academy to learn why it worked. I was crying from testimonials shared from the healing people found with Bemer. I watched Bettina Torres lead an academy and said to myself, I can do that. And I have been learning how to 'do that' since that 2 day academy in 2018!

I am learning the real power of self-talk, the mind, belief and more!

I am loving growing my community of friends! I AM moving the Bemer mission forward. I am helping people support a better quality of life with the 8 easy minutes of Bemer for better circulation.

My heart is FULL and I am learning and speaking something really powerful. I lean into this truth with my whole heart. 

I love life and LIFE loves me. 

Today at church, I beat the pastor to his activity. In my note-taking I always write notes in the I AM affirmation format. I am blessed. I am chosen. I am a part of the DIVINE family of God. After a little preaching, he said, repeat this....I was like, OH I WROTE IT DOWN! Let's GO!

 I am blessed. I am chosen. I am a divine child of GOD. 

Have a beautiful week my friends! 

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