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Force versus Power- Wellness Wednesday recording with Dr. Joshua Berka

Nothing is static. Everything is MOVING! Opposition is necessary for balance in the universe.

Power and force.

Electromagnetic forces are delivered in waves.

We are interacting with electromagnetic particles on a daily basis.

5:50-10-30 hertz- low frequencies. Super safe to use. In clinics and at home.

BEMER has patents on it's signal. There is no other medical device that is Class 2 cleared, low powered frequency that emits a PEMF to stimulate the muscles that has been studied, clinically, and also relates to circulation like BEMER therapy. It is very specific in the targeted tissue that is stimulated.

7:20 - In Canada it is to incread impaired frequency of vasomotion of small and very small precapilary areriol vessels. The results is an improved distruption of blood within the capillary network of microcirculation.

8:20 -Most of us have been taught that the heart is pumping all this blood through the body. It is impossible. It does not. They have helping muscles. These are crucial to regulating blood flow.

10:18 -We are only healthy as what we are taking in AND eliminating!

Stress, chronic diseases, diabetes-impact our microcirculation.

Am I reacting to my world or responding to my world?

13:15-Pulse. Rythm. Cadence. Blood flow. FLOW is important and structure is in tip top shape as well!

14:48 -Mitochondria are it! We are stimulating mitochondrial bioenergetics when we are using BEMER. Growth. Development.

19:15 -How BEMER is a great lifestyle choice at home or in a clinical setting.

19:40 -David Burchuk PT, ATC Lighthouse Physical Therapy -continual quest for the knowledge of the body!

22:56-How did BEMER enter your world? Took a year and a half to bring into the practice. Has been using BEMER in his practice 3 1/2 years now. His story is he found more energy. Skiing. Recovery. Friend was impressed. Recovery was incredible for skiing.

24:50 - How he is using it in his therapy. Made a huge different in treatment with patients. 5 day challenge. Rentals. Used in many different ways in his office.

26:14 -How this works in physical therapy practice- manual therapy is instrumental in finding the impaired areas. Bemer is non-invasive, not aggressive. Supports this work.

The solution to pollution is dillution.

30:00 - Physical therapy video of 72 year old man before BEMER and after 8 minute session. More strength after 8 minutes on BEMER! How is this happening? B.pad

32:20- Nueromuscular recruitment talk!

35:00- adjunct therapy with BEMER - quicker outcomes and longer lasting outcomes

38:30- What should I expect? Well, expect to feel better! Warmth. Whoosh. Feels different. Great to get them to shift and feel that change.

40:44- Better sleep with BEMER talk. When you sleep is when you regenerate. If you aren't sleeping well, you are not able to regenerate well.

42:34- Deep breathing. Relax.

44:52- matrix of vessels glycocalyx- sense the very sheer force of the blood moving through the vessels

It is an INSIDE job. Health is an inside job. When you are using Bemer, it is supporting the internal integration of being in that flow state and mainaining the tone of our vessels.

46:15- Don't think that BEMER is only having an effect on the vasculature and the muscles. Bemer is effecting every molecule in the body all the way to those that have a dielectril properties.BEMER is having a direct effect on these facial planes as well as the fluid matrix they are bathed within.

46: 50- BEMER at home with Dr. Berka- take an epson salt bath (4 cups epson salt) Soak for 15-20 minutes.Now you have magnesium in your body, this is a charged element, lay down on the BEMER to power up to relax! Relax readiness...the ZONE! Optimal efficiency of LIFE. That sweet spot!

49:50 mark- BEMER stimulates relaxation by using the ALPHA rhythm of 10 Hertz and stimulating with gamma. The special program is exclusive that 10 hertz for relaxation.

51:58 mark- Direct stimulation on the spinal chord. Highest density of mitochondria.

53:15- Consistency- important part of a daily lifestyle choice.

59:00 - It is the one thing that can help your body flow better. Who wouldn't want that? As we get older, it slows down.






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