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Blog Talk Radio Notes- June 30,2020

I love listening to the Bemer Blog talk radio! An athlete shares his stories on this particular blog talk radio.

Tuesday, June 30th

David Olson interviews Cody. Cody is a full-time athlete and coach. The discussion is around the Bemer Pro Go set and why it is so effective. A lot of us are familiar with the Bemer with the B.body and want to embrace the Go set! Great discussion on this.

Cody talks about HOW he used the Bemer Go Pro set during his competition. How using it during his competition built the confidence to share the Bemer Pro Go set.

His feet were so swollen from the terrain. He regained his flexibility just after 8 minutes.

Cody was using the higher intensities. For his spine, he would do the lower intensities. Intensities 1-4 are his sweet spots, his zone with Bemer.

Cody says the lithium battery for the Bemer Pro Go set is a must for the traveler and athlete. It's a game changer!

Cody Lind--> getting ahold of him. He is on Instagram and Facebook. Email

I found this in google search! Pictures from his event!


It is always fun to listen for yourself! Hear for yourself the stories!

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