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BEMER journey 2020 reflections

I love what this BEMER journey continues to hold for me. I continue to learn and grow everyday as a result of saying ´yes´ to sharing BEMER in my community. Today I made a Facebook post about our bodies being cellular beings. I am still amazed when I think of how amazingly divine and miraculous we all are. A friend shared a post on the latest image of a cell. Wow! Just wow. And 30 trillion of those beautiful miracles are what make up me. And you. I am a miracle. You are a miracle.

Cells make up tissues. Tissues make up organs. And organs make up systems. We are cellular beings. If the cells aren´t happy, well....there is a disruption in the body. And BEMER provides up to 30% more oxygen and nutrients to the cells and elimination of toxins. That is exciting to me NOW. It meant nothing to me before. Before I felt the benefits of better blood flow. For me, better blood flow means improved digestion. For me, better blood flow means more energy. Clearer, happier sense of being. I had back discomfort go away that hasn´t come back. My broken leg journey was supported and I healed so well and quickly.

I love reflecting on my BEMER story. I love learning forward.

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