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Adiós 2019..HELLO 2020!

I am sitting at Have-A-Space in Silverdale, Washington. I am reflecting on 2019. I was believing with all my heart I was going to achieve EVERY goal I had. I did not achieve all my goals, but I sure did reach quite a few! I wanted to find a place to share this wellness device. Have-A-Space opened up for me. I really wanted to make senior in my company. I achieved that in the first month! I wanted to learn from others who share this technology well. I did that. I wanted more, but reflecting on what I did accomplish, I am grateful.

My word for 2019 was patience. I really wanted another word, but that one would not leave me alone, so I let it be. And I needed that word. I have so much I dream about, but yet there is so much in the present that I can embrace and be full of gratitude. Choosing patience has allowed me to open up to the learning I need to do. Choosing patience has encouraged me to find the blessings in the daily routines of life I have right now. And it finally settled in, patience, as the year was ending. Today is the last day of 2019. I am dreaming BIG again for 2020. I have more tools, more learning and...more patience on this journey sharing this wellness device! My word for 2020 is discipline. I did not try to pick another word. It just HIT me and I said, YES! I know this will be key to setting goals, making the plan, executing, as well as reflecting on how things went. Discipline for morning routines. Discipline to read and continue to learn. Discipline to choose family as I have opportunities pop up during the week, but to remember my priorities. Discipline to make the gym a priority. So here is to 2020 and enjoying the journey with the word discipline!

A very Happy New Years to you and your family!

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