Well, it has been a year and a half on this journey using this wellness device daily. I get more thankful everyday for this journey. When it entered my world, I did not understand it one bit! I just sat on it and it worked! I was excited but so clueless. I said ´NO´ very firmly about sharing.

I went to the 2 day academy in February and heard all the peoples lives that had been impacted in such a positive way as a result of incorporating this technology into their daily lives. Hearing the lives changed and the heart of the company, I said, ´YES´. I have been learning how to share well and learning more about health everyday since. Our mind and bodies are truly extraordinary.

I have learned our bodies are electrical. I have learned that I used to think like most Americans when it comes to getting sick. I used to think that I do not have control of what disease would come, but I would go to a doctor to manage that disease if and when it came.

And then....I really started learning about the holistic approach to health and wellness beyond just diet and exercise. And it is a daily learning. I was at my Polka Dot meeting yesterday and learned about essential oils! It was so fun. I have had very little exposure and understanding of the essential oil community, but it is a BIG community. And that there are many women and men, as well as children, that really use essential oils daily for health and wellness. I really loved the learning, as well as the citrus scent that was passed around.

I am taking my mindset from this pharmaceutical United States and shifting to a holistic approach to my body. Thankfully, I never had a medicine cabinet for this and that at home. I have rejected pills from my doctor. I never educated myself on what pill and medicine for what. I am a sponge now for a more holistic way of thinking and there is SO much to learn. I have a garden for the first time. I use my medical device daily and LOVE it. I am open minded to so much more as a result.

Have a wonderful day! If you are not learning something new daily, I encourage you to keep searching for something that might become a passion. Learning and being excited about something is definitely energizing!

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