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August BEMER article- Healthspan versus Lifespan

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August 2022

Healthspan versus Lifespan

One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy for people born in the U.S. was about 56 years. Today, that number has risen to almost 79 years. In fact, The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 65-year-olds can expect to live another 19 years on average, five more than in 1950. As progress on multiple fronts of science and medicine has made it possible for many people to live longer, interest has grown in how to age well: preserving physical and mental health to maximize the quality of life (healthspan) in the elder years, not just quantity (lifespan).

When we want to maximize our quality and quantity of life, it is essential to “square up.” When we look at the trajectory of life through the lens of both age and health, there is a relatively constant rate of decline with acceleration more than halfway through life that is directly correlated with an individual’s level of health/wellness.

To leverage this, it only seems logical to invest time, capital, and energy into optimizing our health. But the detrimental downward spiral that gains momentum from unhealthy lifestyle habits is difficult to change once chronic degeneration has taken its toll and the ability to regenerate/recover has declined with age.

So how do we “Square Up”? Simple, you perform to the level that you know you can adequately recover from before the choice or need to perform again arises. I am not saying to just age gracefully here, but to be clear about your health goals and maintain them with diligence and discipline. Squaring the curve means taking steps on a daily basis to improve your long-term outcomes. Think of it as a life strategy.

While there are habits, hacks, rituals, rhythms, traditions, and so on that have demonstrated to square-off healthspan, the fundamentals of good diet, regenerative sleep, and daily movement stand out from all others. Daily movement moves your blood and promotes circulation and balance.

BEMER is an excellent adjunctive therapy to support you in the daily practice of squaring the curve of healthspan and support you on your longevity journey to live a longer, happy, healthy, and meaningful life. This is the life we all deserve.

We all want to live longer, but many of us may not think what that means if we are living without out our desired quality of life. So please join us and explore the continuum of life through the lens of lifespan vs. healthspan and what we can do to impact both.

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