Self-care with Bemer.


    Do you know the benefits of better blood flow?



    BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 2 medical device that supports optimal blood flow.


    Would you like to educate yourself on the benefits of BEMER therapy and what you can expect?




    Opportunities to learn and experience BEMER in Kitsap


    *Admire Medical Aesthetics in Silverdale (purchase sessions)


    *Alchemy Wellness-Body Mind & Soul in Port Orchard- (purchase sessions)


    *October 6th-Bemer Buisiness Builder @ 5:30pm, Alchemy Wellness- 118 Bay Street, Port Orchard


    *October 15th -Bemer in the Community- Drop in for the 8 minute Bemer experience between 11am-1pm, 118 Bay Street, Port Orchard


















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    I absolutely love the daily benefits from using my Bemer. I was tired and exhausted all the time. I pushed through the exhaustion to show up well as a teacher, mom and wife. I found energy and a level of health I had not experienced! I am so thankful to share this gift of health with others in my community!


    Klahowya Secondary School

    Klahowya Secondary School is located in Silverdale, Washington and has a beautiful campus nestled in the woods.

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    August 10, 2022
    MEC Updates | August 2022 Healthspan versus Lifespan One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy for people born in the U.S. was about 56 years. Today, that number has risen to almost 79 years. In fact, The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 65-year-olds can expect...
    This Bemer journey is truly a gift. I continue to meet wonderful people. I am leaning into my own life and journey on a whole new level. As I continue to show up and share, more people are saying ´yes´ to the Bemer lifestyle with me. I believe! I believe in Bemer. The company. The product. The...
    June 30, 2022
    Well, I am good about consistency on things that MATTER to me. It´s actually a thing for all of us. Look at what you show up for, and that is what matters to you! This summer, a consistent blog post matters to me! I drove an hour and half to meet up with a young athlete to share my Bemer. On my...
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