Self-care with Bemer.


    Green blood flow video.


    Are you a practitioner? Here is a video that shares how doctors are using BEMER in their practice. It is a growing adjunt therapy across the US and around the world! Dr. Dylan Jenkins with Enhanced Living Chiropractic shares how he was introduced and how he uses BEMER.



    BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 2 medical device that supports optimal blood flow.


    Would you like to educate yourself on the benefits of BEMER therapy and what you can expect?


    The Science:Why Proper Bloodflow is Important


    WHAT IS BEMER? In under 2 minutes


    8 minute Bemer story


    Force vs. Power -Education on energy and BEMER


    Health span versus Life span- Listen to Dr. Berka and Dr. Bryce Wylde discuss this topic and how BEMER can be used as supportive adjunctive therapy.


    Opportunities to learn and experience BEMER in Kitsap


    *Every Thursday in April- Experience a FREE BEMER demo at the Subway in Silverdale from 3:30-5pm- Drop in!


    *Admire Medical Aesthetics in Silverdale


    *Alchemy Wellness-Body Mind & Soul in Port Orchard
























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    I absolutely love the daily benefits from using my Bemer. I was tired and exhausted all the time. I pushed through the exhaustion to show up well as a teacher, mom and wife. I found energy and a level of health I had not experienced! I am so thankful to share this gift of health with others in my community!


    Klahowya Secondary School

    Klahowya Secondary School is located in Silverdale, Washington and has a beautiful campus nestled in the woods.

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    March 30, 2023
    I had not heard of pubmed.gov before 2018. Before 2018, I was of a mindset with my own health and well-being that was very simple and basic. Exercise. Eat better foods. And just wait until you are older and see what happens and then go to Kaiser, or wherever that insurance I pay for sends me. ...
    Click here to listen and learn--> Wellness Wednesday- Power versus Force with notes and minute marks! Nothing is static. Everything is MOVING! Opposition is necessary for balance in the universe. Power and force. Electromagnetic forces are delivered in waves. We are interacting with...
    BEMER showed up at my mom's house. She was in Florida in 2017 and was introduced to it. My dad said the science was legit. My mom then purchased it because it was intelligent and for the health of her family. The German engineering and Swiss craftsmaship impressed her. I sat on it because it...
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