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    BEMER Therapy is an FDA Class 2 medical device. Would you like to educate yourself on the benefits of BEMER therapy and what you can expect?


    BEMER has made this easy for you. Please visit BEMER’s educational site to discover why good blood circulation is vital to the health of your well-being.




    I love to help people bring a BEMER into their home.

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    I absolutely love the daily benefits from using my Bemer. I was tired and exhausted all the time. I pushed through the exhaustion to show up well as a teacher, mom and wife. I found energy and a level of health I had not experienced! I am so thankful to share this gift of health with others in my community!


    Klahowya Secondary School

    Klahowya Secondary School is located in Silverdale, Washington and has a beautiful campus nestled in the woods.

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    I just started running again in December 2020. I was content to do water exercises and walk for the past 10+ years. I have always enjoyed some level of fitness throughout my life. I am 43 years old. I enjoyed running in high school. In my 20's I was a runner off and on. I heard stories of knee...
    I love what this BEMER journey continues to hold for me. I continue to learn and grow everyday as a result of saying ´yes´ to sharing BEMER in my community. Today I made a Facebook post about our bodies being cellular beings. I am still amazed when I think of how amazingly divine and miraculous...
    I love listening to the Bemer Blog talk radio! An athlete shares his stories on this particular blog talk radio. Tuesday, June 30th David Olson interviews Cody. Cody is a full-time athlete and coach. The discussion is around the Bemer Pro Go set and why it is so effective. A lot of us are...
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