• I love to share about this easy and effective technology for wellness from Europe.


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    I absolutely love the daily benefits from using my Bemer. I am so thankful to share this gift of health with others in my community!


    Klahowya Secondary School

    Klahowya Secondary School is located in Silverdale, Washington and has a beautiful campus nestled in the woods.

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    I love listening to the Bemer Blog talk radio! An athlete shares his stories on this particular blog talk radio. Tuesday, June 30th David Olson interviews Cody. Cody is a full-time athlete and coach. The discussion is around the Bemer Pro Go set and why it is so effective. A lot of us are...
    November 24, 2019
    This journey with this amazing technology continues! I am reading, learning, growing and am embracing the journey! As I listen to blog talk, tune into the calls to hear the news and excitement, so many people in the health and wellness are joining this movement! Doctors from all fields are...
    August 9, 2019
    Well, it has been a year and a half on this journey using this wellness device daily. I get more thankful everyday for this journey. When it entered my world, I did not understand it one bit! I just sat on it and it worked! I was excited but so clueless. I said ´NO´ very firmly about sharing. I...
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